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Keys To a Successful Retirement – Mindfulness

It is sometimes said that the best things in life are free. Well, that’s certainly true of the act of mindfulness! Mindfulness can practiced at no cost and proves itself to be a gift to all using it, especially people … Read More

Keys To a Successful Retirement – How to Plan and Define Your Second Journey

Simple things have always attracted me as I have trouble trying to stay focused. My Second Journey, or retirement, needs to be simplified if I am to accomplish all my goals.   I must begin by stating that all my … Read More

Happy, Happy New Year!

We love our residents. Here’s a quick note from one of our newest community members, Christine! Dear Mr. and Mrs. Gilman, I have meant to write ever since I came home after meeting you both at The Village of Wildflowers! … Read More

Home is where the heart is!

I found The Village of Wildflowers quite by accident. My Parents live in Hendersonville, and I live in Birmingham. While doing my semi-monthly visit, it became apparent that for them to maintain their independence at home, I would have to … Read More

Much More, for Much Less: Choose a Lifestyle Community

The Americans who suffered through theĀ Great Depression choseĀ a minimalistic way to live. This concept continues. “Small is Smarter” has become the mantra in all personal choices. In housing, the tiny house has recently stolen headlines in every major periodical. Architectural … Read More

Billionaires Have Bought Tiny Houses for Years

For the last forty years, luxury hotel chains around the world have sold multiple suites as second residences to millionaires. These second and third homes, are really investments for the owners, who occupy them only part time. These “tiny residences” … Read More

Downsizing: Logical Thinking

Some people fall into the trap of thinking that a larger house will cure their overcrowded-home syndrome. This is similar to thinking that going on a crash diet to loose ten pounds will solve weight problems over the long run. … Read More