For the last forty years, luxury hotel chains around the world have sold multiple suites as second residences to millionaires. These second and third homes, are really investments for the owners, who occupy them only part time. These “tiny residences” pay for themselves with tax free dollars, and offer the owners free lodging when ever they use them.

Smart real estate investors have recognized this opportunity and like Sam Zell-chairman of Lifestyle Equity Properties-see the reconfiguration of RV parks to Tiny House Communities as a prime investment. Mr. Zell’s company owns 300,000 RV lots today which offer a blue collar worker the same opportunity that a millionaire gets when buying a second home in a Ritz Carleton.

At $80,000, a home in a Tiny House Community takes on a variety of forms . It’s a starter home for a minimalists, a second home, and a tremendous investment. These homes generate good dividends while also offering free lodging to the owners.

Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway owns 53% of the manufacturing capacity for recreational vehicles (RVs). It is known throughout that industry, that thousands of these units are delivered annually to stationary locations. These units serve as second homes but in many cases are rented as entry level housing.

Ritz Carleton has thirty three prime residential properties offering suites for sale. These units sell for upwards of $2,000,000. The majority of these properties sold out prior to construction. The story is the same for many other luxury brands.

Wildflower Resorts is planning a national expansion, offering the same opportunities once enjoyed by millionaires only.

A Tiny House is a combination of financial and lifestyle benefits.

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