Available Inventory

We currently have an inventory of several tiny homes available for purchase. These homes are ordered from our craftman builders and are move in ready between 3 and 5 months. For more details please call our office and ask to speak to one of our sales professionals.

Please contact us at Tel: 828-707-0969

Currently For Sale – $87,900

The Alexander by Clayton Homes. This contemporary cottage is 400 square feet with a 125 square foot loft. Upgraded with a rustic wood and rebar throughout the home.


Currently For Sale – $87,900

The Berry by Clayton Homes. This cottage is 400 square feet with a 125 square foot loft. At 14 feet wide this open floor plan will allow you to personalize your living space.


Currently For Sale – $87,900

The Sea Breeze by Clayton Homes. This cottage is 400 square feet with a 99 square foot loft. High ceilings with oversized windows to allow for maximum natural light.

Currently For Sale – $99,900

The 940 by Green River Log Cabins. This log cabin is 400 sq feet with upgrades including quartz counter tops and front loading washer and dryer.

Photos Coming Soon. Or go to greenriverlogcabins.com.

The Collins by Clayton Homes. This 400 sq Ft home with its floor to ceiling windows has been sold and is no longer open to the public to be veiwed.

Currently For Sale – $65,000

The Revolution by Buck’s Tiny Houses was created with high ceilings, double lofts, a spacious bathroom with full size appliances in the kitchen. Rich natural lighting make this tiny home feel roomy and cozy!

 The Revolution