Some people fall into the trap of thinking that a larger house will cure their overcrowded-home syndrome. This is similar to thinking that going on a crash diet to loose ten pounds will solve weight problems over the long run. When people loose weight quickly without making permanent lifestyle changes to their diet and exercise, they typically gain the weight back. People who receive large financial windfalls may pay off existing bills and debts, yet soon have the financial problems they had before. The same goes for selecting a bigger house.

The problem may not be how much room you have, but how you utilize that space.

Living within the boundaries  of our space is like living within the boundaries of our financial income. Discipline and self control are required for these two areas of life.

When people move into a bigger house without examining their purchasing habits (or hoarding habits), the bigger house will simply fill up with stuff, and they’ll feel cramped again. For such people, no amount of space is enough. Contentment inside can change how you feel outside.

When the day is over I am fulfilled by how I live on the inside. The choice is mine today to live a BEAUTIFUL LIFE. “Small is smarter.”

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