We love our residents. Here’s a quick note from one of our newest community members, Christine!

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Gilman,

I have meant to write ever since I came home after meeting you both at The Village of Wildflowers! How exciting that was, and what a wonderful and unexpected treat! I feel that we are kindred spirits in so many ways, and that I have a great deal to offer to your vision and community and am so looking forward to doing so!

It has been a bit of a whirlwind upon my return, the combination of the imminent closing on my home (scheduled for Monday, January 4th!) and purchasing my new home there, all taking place right at the same time, I am just thrilled! Everything has been falling into place perfectly, and just as you said, Mr. Gilman, it all happens at the right time if you Believe in it … goodness, that reminds me of some of the books that formed my life as a child! Wouldn’t it be fascinating to have all of the new residents of The Village of Wildflowers compile their stories and how it led them to live there?

Thank you soooo much for the amazing dinner with Michaeline! It was absolutely fantastic, and she was wonderful in every way, all day, showing me all around the Village of Wildflowers, looking at several units, answering questions, we got along just great! Plus, after dinner Sunday evening, we walked up and down both sides of Hendersonville, it was a fantastic evening, and she is an excellent and knowlegeable tour-guide! I know that Michaeline and I will be great friends, and I already have ideas popping out of my head like popcorn on things to present to you … I want to contribute as much as I can to your vision, Mr. Gilman, because I truly believe in it as well and am very excited to help you bring it about … I have many skills to share, and helping others in all of the ways that I can is what I do best and what gives me the most pleasure!

I will pause now, however I have your card in front of me, and I will be there very soon! I am thrilled with all that you are doing, Mr. and Mrs, Gilman, and I intend to be a very active participant in the community and I hope to make you you both proud!

Happy, Happy, New Year again!



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