I found The Village of Wildflowers quite by accident. My Parents live in Hendersonville, and I live in Birmingham. While doing my semi-monthly visit, it became apparent that for them to maintain their independence at home, I would have to spend more time with them. The thought of using a guest room was not too exciting, as I had left their nest 40 years ago. Each person needs their own space, and missing the company of my cat “Blueberry” forced me into action. My parent’s two Cocker Spaniels prevented him from entering their home.

So, I started looking into downsizing. I discovered that there were thousands of people just like myself, who wanted to shrink their residence to meet special needs. My needs were simple. All I wanted was a cozy one-bedroom cottage, a nice kitchen, front porch and beautiful family room. Of course, I didn’t want to give up lovely neighbors, so the thought of wildflowers, garden paths, friendly neighbors, and resort-like amenities really appealed to me.

I not only purchased a second home, but have volunteered to give back to the community as a Good-Neighbor coordinator. Since I’m a retired healthcare professional, I’m helping to mobilize neighbors and implementing Friday night fish-frys, Saturday night socials, and all kinds of other activities.


I love my new home and wonderful neighborhood. When I am there, we take care of each other. When I’m not, my home is looked after and managed as a rental to offset the mortgage. It isn’t very often that a house pays for itself!


Claire Gregory, retired RN

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