Simple things have always attracted me as I have trouble trying to stay focused. My Second Journey, or retirement, needs to be simplified if I am to accomplish all my goals.


I must begin by stating that all my life I have suffered from economic insecurity. This is translated by always needing more to live comfortably as defined by the material possessions around me. Things like a second home, foreign vacations, life insurance, or a three-car garage placed in high on my needs lists. This list was created subliminally by creative advertising, and has defined what I should look like to myself and others. The acquisition of these material possessions was easy, but paying the price for them translated into economic insecurity.


Removing economic insecurity is our top priority, and downsizing and mindfulness are two most important keys to a successful retirement. When introduced into a long-term retirement plan, these elements create freedom and well-being.


Wellbeing is the product of mindful living, which is described as living in the here-and-now. It is the recognition that material possessions do not bring happiness and, on the contrary, can do just the opposite. Living in a mindful state is easily taught through the practice of meditation. Here at The Village of Wildflowers, we have meditation teachers and coaches. We must live life in the moment to enjoy its beauty. Mindfulness gives us the tools to do this, and sharing our personal life experiences puts the frosting on the cake.


The element of downsizing is demonstrated by selecting a personal residence that is adequate to give you personal comfort. This home should be designed to accommodate a comfortable lifestyle while eliminating many expenses associated with excessive, unused space. By downsizing, you immediately cut unnecessary housing expenses and find freedom from maintaining unused space. By enjoying your common areas with many friends you will expand your horizons to encompass the beauty around you. No longer a slave to empty rooms will free you to travel and meet new friends in new places.



It is said that there are three important things to live a happy and full life:

1) A space to share with a loved one and pets.
2) Some activity to do each day.
3) Something to look forward to.


Here at The Village Of Wildflowers we offer you the chance of a lifetime to be part of a Community that was envisioned and built to encompass these virtues.

Come join us living large, while thinking small!

-WW Gilman

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