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It is sometimes said that the best things in life are free. Well, that’s certainly true of the act of mindfulness!

Mindfulness can practiced at no cost and proves itself to be a gift to all using it, especially people planning a meaningful retirement lifestyle. Over the past twenty-five years Dr. Jon Kabot-Zinn and Dr. Richee Davidson have established scientific centers to study the effects of Meditation on the brain. These Centers are located at The University of Wisconsin and The University of Massachusetts Medical Schools.

The practice of meditation was scientifically studied with the cooperation of Buddhist Monks, as they were the only available subjects who had embraced meditation over a long period of time as part of their daily activities. These early research projects into how the brain actually functions, and the benefits of meditation, have led to what is known as The Mindfulness Lifestyle. This practice has spread across America,  into Fortune Five Hundred board rooms, and kindergarten classrooms. The byproduct of mindfulness is well-being as a state of mind, which is cherished by all retirees.

This lifestyle is centered on living in the moment or here and now. It is easily taught, as the practice is centered around a person becoming conscious of the natural phenomena of breathing. The exercise can be practiced to start with a minute at a time, and can be easily expanded. Mindfulness soon becomes a part of one’s persona, and the benefits are bountiful. At The Village of Wildflowers we will have in-residence teachers and coaches to graciously present mindfulness as a chosen way of thinking.

As we start our Second Journey (or, retirement) this mindset allows us to concur anxiety, pain, stress, and other illnesses. This practice is based on the fact that living in the moment allows us to step away from past traumas or future worries, and fully enjoy the place we are in today. As one becomes more adept in Mindfulness Living and the associated experiences, they will find a new freedom and happiness.

The choice to downsize one’s residence offers similar benefits. We de-clutter our surroundings by discarding unused possessions. Some of these possessions have negative sentimental attachments to the past, and getting rid of them gives us freedom from the past to enjoy the present. By downsizing we are able to free ourselves of maintenance, taxes, and all associated costs of unused rooms. We learn to enjoy life in our immediate surroundings.

Instead of spending the rest of your life fleeing Economic Insecurity issues, come live in a Community of compassionate neighbors, with an adequately-sized dwelling.

Let us help you on your journey. Come join us and tour our compassionate, multigenerational community!

– WW Gilman

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