Dear Friend,

Thank you for your interest in one of my deepest passions – gilmanWildflower Villages in Flat Rock, NC. Because where and how you live is such a personal and emotional decision, I’d like to share how Wildflower Villages came to be.

I’m a native Midwesterner, having been born and raised in Wisconsin. I loved the purity and community that became my foundation and life compass. Having said that, the older I got, the less I enjoyed the long cold winters. Hence my families’ migration to sunny Florida.

My career involved designing and building real estate properties around the world. I learned a lot about what makes houses into homes and streets into communities. Along the way, I discovered the beautiful area of Western North Carolina, with its seasonal glory and vibrant heritage.

Why Flat Rock?

Flat Rock, NC, is the epicenter of it all. From craft breweries to mountain artists and county fairs, to waterfalls and hiking trails, it offers something for anyone looking to live amongst meadow mountains surrounded by apple orchards and vineyards while enjoying the arts and crafts of local and national artisans.

Flat Rock touches people wanting to live a less conventional life. The more I talked with local residents and the timing of our children leaving the nest, led me to think of simplifying and down-sizing our world. I decided to design my vision of a “perfect” home and community. Much to my surprise, the whole country had embraced the tiny house movement.

It’s About Community

But unlike any random property to “park” a tiny house, I set out to establish a “community-focused” environment. A place where residents know neighbors and share their lives together. A place surrounded by gardens, walking paths, dog parks and a communal social center. Being close to medical facilities, colleges and other amenities adds another benefit.

If you’ve been longing to live in a beautiful and affordable home that inspires creativity and simplicity – all while benefiting from like-minded friends and enviable activities – consider Wildflower Villages. I look forward to having you join our family.

Warmest Wishes,

WW Gil Gilman, Founder/Visionary


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