The Americans who suffered through the Great Depression chose a minimalistic way to live. This concept continues. “Small is Smarter” has become the mantra in all personal choices. In housing, the tiny house has recently stolen headlines in every major periodical.

Architectural digests have featured living structures ranging from a 180 sq ft tree house to a larger home built from recycled shipping containers. Magazines on how to design and build these Tiny Houses can be found on every newsstand and proliferate the internet.

Most tiny houses are built with a footprint of under 400 sq ft. These units are built on axels and can be located in RV zoned developments. The design and materials used vary greatly. In our area, log structures can be extremely attractive and economical to heat or cool. Outdoor kitchens and gathering places are part of many designs, and cost nothing to heat or cool.

When  you  decide to design a Tiny House consider a key ingredient is to surround yourself with adequate space to exist comfortably, with a small number of personal treasures. Creature comforts come in the form of materials selected and finishing touches. The personal satisfaction gained by getting rid of many unnecessary things is extremely liberating.

Selecting the type of community-a lifestyle community- in which to locate your reduced size house is very important. Finding a community where you have great neighbors, easy access to needed services, and amenities like an internal activities director, are essential.

With the reduced cost of these dwellings, owners often have two units in different geographical areas. Florida and North Carolina are both favorite locations.

Look for a community that will offer rental services to its owners, allowing them to collect income when not is residence. This feature demonstrates the minimalist principle of only owning what you need, or only that which is productive for you. The additional income is also welcomed as a cash contributor to living expenses.

The sharing of common elements such as gardens, swimming pools, and recreational buildings create personal enjoyment at reduced costs. The elimination of private yard maintenance, sewer and water fees, and large utility bills is an added benefit.

If you are interested in living in a cozy cabin, surrounded by caring neighbors, and earning extra income when you are not there, The Village Of Wildflowers in East Flat Rock, NC is excited to meet you.

At this development owners/investors create their dream cabins or cottages, in a beautiful park like setting. An on-site management company handles all aspects of rental property management in your absence. The rent collected will off-set the expenses associated with ownership. Investors have found this idea to be very attractive as their personal vacation time costs them nothing. Occupancy rates in existing homes are historically very high as visitors to the area are looking for alternate accommodations to expensive hotel rooms. The explosion and success of private vacation rental web sites will continue to support this trend.

Planing ahead for retirement in a community like this is an easy decision. It allows the new minimalist the freedom they are looking for.

In conclusion: Simply locate the place you wish to move or retire. Create the downsized cabin/cottage you will want. Get good on site property management. You now have invested wisely and will immediately enjoy many personal and financial rewards.

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