People young and old love it here. Here’s what some of them have to say.



Nancy Rossman

nancy_rossmanMy name is Nancy Rossman and I currently live in Clearwater, Florida. On my way to upstate New York in early June, I stopped in Asheville for a couple days. This was at the request of the friend who was helping me drive. I fell in love with the area, in particular the mountains and abundance of outdoor activities. We picked up a copy of the Bold Life magazine which was featuring small houses at the Village of Wildflowers in Flat Rock. Curious about what a tiny house looks like, we drove down and toured the property. My first impression was, “what a great idea.” The setting is beautiful and the people were friendly.

After spending much of the summer traveling, I returned to Florida and lasted only a week in the heat. I realized that I really wanted to go back to Wildflowers to see what it is like to live in a tiny home, and to experience the cooler weather. So I arranged to rent one of them for a month, from mid August to mid September. Everything I needed was there in the home, which even had a carport to store my kayaks. I spent time hiking and kayaking, or just exploring the area and getting to know the neighbors. Living at the Village of Wildflowers felt very comfortable, like being with family. There are social activities including pot luck dinners and bonfires. It is a great location with easy access to Interstate 26 and shopping around Hendersonville. It is quiet and peaceful.




Juanita and Marty Duffy

Marty-&-JuanitaWe love this tiny house concept for so many reasons, not the least of which is the prospect of decluttering and simplifying life. “Diminutive” actually translates to less is more!

The Village of Wildflowers is located in Flat Rock, a special town which is home to Carl Sandburg’s estate. The town is replete with unique shops, parks, eating venues, theaters, and so much more. From the “Village”, a minute’s drive takes you to Interstate 26, making both the towns of Hendersonville and Asheville a stone’s throw away.

We have had the opportunity to work with all of the staff here at the Village, and have spoken with Mr. Gilman on several occasions. We think what makes this environment so unique is that the staff and the owner all currently live here or are in the process of building their own tiny homes there. They share an investment in ensuring that the Village is a true community, and that growth here will be done thoughtfully and with everyone’s best interest at heart. An added bonus for us is that the Village is so very pet-friendly. Our own “immediate” family encompasses several rescued animals, and we are grateful to have found a setting which welcomes not only us, but them as well!

We have also had the pleasure of speaking with the builder of the tiny homes here in the Village, Jeff Farris, several times now. He is extremely knowledgeable with regard to tiny house construction as well as a joy to work with. Our house should be completed in about three months and, needless to say, we could not be more excited.

Come see what the fuss is all about, and remember that sometimes, “less IS truly more“!




Barbara Drum

BarbaraDrumFor the past several years my New Year’s resolution has been to simplify my life, live less stressed, have a smaller footprint on the earth, and strive to be debt-free. It all came together at The Village of Wildflowers! I found the community I was looking for of caring, like-minded people in the mountains that I love. Life is Good!